Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to visit ELX. I’m happy you’re here.

My name is Elexis, and I worked as an apparel designer for a few years for some big name companies. I learned a lot along the way, and am so excited to begin a new journey with ELX Studio.

ELX represents everything I stand for as a human, and I really want to challenge my community to re-evaluate their relationships with their bodies. Let me elaborate: for a long time, the fashion and beauty industry have promoted and ingrained unhealthy standards for what we should accept to be “normal” or “desirable”, etc. We’ve all been affected by these false narratives to some degree, and enough is enough. Let’s really learn to appreciate ourselves, for who we are right now. Remember: our bodies house our spirits.

Self love is so incredibly important. And what’s really cool about love; is it’s basically instinctive to love and accept others when we first love ourselves. I want to encourage my community to appreciate what they’ve been blessed with. Clothes don’t make us. But they can sure take confidence to the next level. For the underrepresented and the nonconformists, I’m here for you.


About the Process:

All pieces were hand designed by Elexis. Sourcing and production were completed by a friend of a friend who has a factory in Turkey. Being in a beta phase with ELX, the clothes were made in extremely small batches. Currently, I am exploring options to produce clothes in the States for future collections, so stay tuned for that!