Don't Read My Blog

  • by Elexis Spencer

Don’t Read this Blog If….

You want style guides pertaining to what everyone needs this season

You bounce from trend to trend and care most about what’s hot

You side with ever-evolving beauty standards


This Blog is for You if….

You understand that you and your STYLE are constantly evolving.

You want to build a wardrobe that fits YOU

Feel inspired to challenge social norms relating to your body and your relationship with clothes.


Now don’t get me wrong:

As a designer myself, I stay up-to-date on trends, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anyone keeping up with fashion. It’s great to know what’s going on around you. What I am saying is, this blog is not consumed by trends. This blog is intended to be a journey that uplifts your inner self to have a healthier relationship with your material possessions. You make the clothes- not the other way around.


With that being said…

What do you want to hear about next?

  • Dressing for Your Body Type
  • How to Refine Your Closet
  • Most Flattering Colors for You (Considering your Skin, Hair, and Eye Color)
  • All of the Above
  • Something else (comment below)


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