Set the Tone: Why Color is So Important

  • by Elexis Spencer

Remember mood rings and how the color would change based on our mood? As much as they didn’t quite literally do that, it’s important to note that while our moods can reflect a color, color can affect our mood. 

We naturally already have color associations- for example, red as hot, and blue as cool. As a designer (yes, we’re all creators!) we have the ability to choose what emotions we want to invoke by thoughtfully curating color.

I like to think of my moods as colors- and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I post my color mood every single day as inspiration. When we think about life in color, it’s a way of stimulating greater awareness of self, promoting productivity, and simply encouraging creativity.

Let’s go a little deeper…
Do you understand what certain colors represent?

Here's a quick infographic on color psychology.

Think about when you’re getting dressed: sometimes your clothes just aren’t speaking to you because that isn’t your color mood of the day. I challenge you to be keener of the things that you naturally gravitate towards- you’d be surprised what your color choices say about you.

Are you feeling warm today? Maybe you’ll wear cream, olive, and/or mustard.
Or maybe you feel neutral and prefer gray.
Feeling inspired by the gelato you had the other day? Pastels.
Loving the vibe of New York City? Black and white.

And the list goes on.

Calm, fresh, clean, and modern were things I wanted to be associated with the mini collection; Re-Birth.
Without even seeing the actual clothes, color alone can easily speak to these concepts.

Addressing singular color is one thing. And I am HERE for a monochromatic look; super chic and clean, very much ELX aesthetic. But then we also have the creation of color palettes, and that is super fun and easy. Look around you; from the packaging of that shampoo bottle to your favorite painting, notice how certain colors harmonize and contrast. Inspiration is all around you, and I highly encourage you to allow more ideas to flow through you. You’d be surprised where the source of your next best project is from.

With all considered, is there a color you might feel encouraged to show more love to?

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