What's My Body Type?

  • by Elexis Spencer

I’m just gonna cut to the chase here. It doesn’t really matter what your body “type” is. Those are just labels they try to use to categorize people and pinpoint places you should be insecure about.


Answer these questions:

  1. Where do I carry most of my weight?
  2. Do I have parts of my body I’d prefer to not show off?
  3. What parts of my body would I like to accentuate?
  4. What “fit” do I feel most comfortable in? (Ie, form fitting, slim fit, oversized, etc)

Where you carry most of weight does NOT have to be a part of your body that you are uncomfortable with. For example, a woman who carries most of her weight in her breasts may actually prefer to accentuate that feature. Whereas a man may carry more weight in his stomach and also be comfortable with that.

So here’s the thing. I’m not going to pick apart each and every body part that you may be insecure about.

For my Curvy Kings & Queens:

But if there’s a body part that you’d like to conceal because it is “too big”, wearing something oversized isn’t always the fix. Especially if there are certain prints & colors involved, you might actually be attracting more attention. It would be better to go for a relaxed slim fit- it essentially skims over your problem area, without drowning your shape.

For my Slender Beauties:

If there’s a body part you are insecure about being too small, go for a slim fit. Again, skimming over that body part just to show off a bit of shape will do you good in the long run.

Also Keep in Mind:

A tight fit can be really breathtaking- regardless of your body shape. Confidence is everything. Nothing else really matters because you're wearing what you feel comfortable in. Haters gonna hate regardless and that’s really that on that. *insert shrugging emoji*

In Conclusion...

It’s likely you feel most comfortable and confident in something that doesn’t need constant adjusting. The best fitting piece for you is probably already in your closet. Body typing should not give limitations for what you’re “allowed” to wear. Being comfortable in your skin and doing things for YOU will take you far.



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